Anerlisa Muigai Continues To Clap Back At Ex-husband,Leaks Screenshots Of Their Last Conversation

Anerlisa Muigai and her ex-husband Ben Pol have been hitting headlines lately over remarks by Ben Pol that didn’t seem quite appealing to Anerlisa, pushing her to react in equal measure.

In an interview, Ben Pol had revealed that he did not enjoy his 11 months marriage to Anerlisa as the whole marriage according to him seemed to be an online clickbait to marriage.

Anerlisa had first warned Ben Pol of the consequences he would face after the explosive interview,daring him to share his conversation with her if he really meant what he said online.

Ben I see you have really taken advantage of my silence for weakness… You’ve always had the right to tell the interviewer not to ask about me, why are you always making me look bad, yet you send me different from what you talk?” Anerlisa said on her social media.

If you are really a man I dare you to screenshot what you have been sending me from December 25 to January 4, I have a lot to say but I choose to be a lady, It’s simple, stop talking about me!” Anerlisa added.

The Keroche heiress has now gone ahead to release screenshots of her last conversation with the Tanzania singer which happened this past Christmas.

In the screenshots of the alleged messages from Ben Pol to Anerlisa, the ‘Moyo Mashine’ musician was admitting that she was in his thoughts during the changes that have come with her exit in his life.

“I tried to decorate our Christmas tree, was thinking of you,” read the first message.

Christmases are never the same.I want to let you know that I was never with you because of money, in fact during our relationship, it was the time that I was making the least money in my whole 12+ years career, but I was okay and I never complained about it…I loved the space and the idea that we were going to grow together.” Read more messages.

Anerlisa had refuted claims that Ben Pol did not enjoy their marriage ,saying that what he texts her did not depict the singer’s online claims.


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