Cebbie Koks And Husband Steve Ogolla Serving High Class Couple Goals

If you know Cebbie Koks and her husband Steve Ogolla ,you will undoubtedly agree that they are such a couple of class.

From the couple’s traditional wedding ceremony held in December last year, it was crystal clear that there was nothing ordinary about it, neither the couple.

One could see how their wedding poured high class vibes just by how expensive it looked ,judging by the decor, theme and the high profiled individuals who were in attendance.

Now days after her flashy wedding to the lawyer ,Cebbie has shared photos of their matching expensive rides.

Through her insta stories,Cebbie shared a photo of her Land cruiser gifted to her by her husband  after their wedding and Steve Ogolla’s Land cruiser and captioned the photos  ‘twinning.’ Before sharing the photos of their cars, the two were on a date and Cebbie was over the moon enjoying good times with her husband.

Their proposal alone was one of its kind or rather phenomenal to say the least. Ogolla  received Cebbie at the lobby of a high-end hotel with a bouquet of red roses. He then embraced Cebbie who was in a black elegant dress.

After handing over the flowers to her, Ogolla then ushered Cebbie to a different part of the facility and led her to a lush green garden where the words ‘Marry Me’ lit up the entire place against a backdrop of a love heart. He knelt on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

What else can this be called if not super couple goals?


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