Michelle Ntalami Engages Mike Sonko in a Bitter Exchange

Former Governor of Nairobi Mike Mbuvi Sonko and business woman Michelle Ntalami in a war of words, after Sonko accused the founder of Marini Naturals organization of having an affair with the late Edwin Chiloba.

Following the death of Chiloba few days ago, debate and discussions have been heating up over social media.

Different people have been enjoying their freedom of expression and Mike Sonko is among the individuals who have didn’t let this opportunity go.

However, Michelle has come front dismissing Sonko’s allegations warning the former City boss to stop popping with unverified accusations.

“Please write or speak only the things you are certain of,” Michelle wrote.

According to Michelle, the ex-fiance of beautiful Makena Njeri, there was no intimate relationship between her and the late Chiloba except for being normal friends.

While trashing into bin Sonko’s sentiments, Michelle asked Sonko to stick to his lanes and never indulge into being a relationship expert as she believes that he is above that.

Bearing in mind that there has been ongoing investigation over the murder of Edwin, Michelle further reminded the former City boss that the matter is very sensitive therefore he needs to be wise on what comes out of his tongue.

“I’ve always held you in high regard, I believe you are above this. If you understood the dynamics, you would know a feminine woman like me would be the last person he would be attracted to. This is a sensitive matter. Stop propagating lies. Let the DCI do their job and let Edwin rest,” Michelle responded to Sonko.


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