Edwin Sifuna Tickles Mourners, Pays Last Tribute to Catherine Kasavuli

Nairobi senator Edwin Sifuna has today tickled Kenyans during the send off of the late journalist Catherine Kasavuli who passed away a few weeks ago.

While paying his last tribute to the loved late TV presenter, Mr Sifuna induced a small tale of his past, revealing that he had a chance to set his eyes on a TV screen having been brought up a village boy.

He added that the situation of his boyhood hence denied him an opportunity to familiarize with big names in the media Industry like Catherine Kasavuli.

However, the current City senator leaked out his wife most secret, saying she had the chance to know most media personalities having lived her whole life in the Kenya’s capital city.

As a result, he said his wife had a crush on Famous handsome Jimmy Gathu.

“If my wife who grew up in Nairobi was here, she would be losing her mind because she had known you all media people, I think she had a crush on Jimmy Gathu,” Sifuna openly said.

This hilarious sentiment by Sifuna comes, few months after the ODM diehard personality confessed a genuine crush on actress Sarah Hassan popularly known as Zora, who acted in the ‘Zora’ series that gained hearts while being aired on Citizen TV before ‘Sultana’ series


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