Murang’a Collaborates With Safaricom To Digitize Services

The county government of Murang’a will work with Safaricom to digitize every aspect of its business.

In order to improve delivery in the county, Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa met with Governor Irungu Kang’ata on Wednesday. They talked about enhancing digital services. The county intends to introduce e-services first in the nation, according to the governor.

In September of last year, the devolved unit began the process of digitizing revenue collection, and as a result of its success, five out of 22 income streams have been automated.

According to him, parking fees, payments at markets, cess and quarry sites, hospitals, and veterinary services have all been digitalized.

To guarantee that residents can access services from the comfort of their homes, single business permits and liquor licenses will also be digitized in the following two weeks. The county will be able to close income loss gaps thanks to the automation of services.

The governor declared that Kang’ata Care recipients, one of his signature initiatives, will be able to select their favorite outpatient care facilities via digital means.

One can access the NHIF by entering the password *15#, their identity card number, and whether they are a member or dependent. After choosing their desired county, they can choose their preferred hospital and save their decision.

He claimed that without Safaricom’s assistance, the advancements made in the automation of county services would not have been possible. We were able to roll out the services in January because to the CEO’s involvement, the man said. “I called the CEO to seek some interventions before Christmas and he was gracious enough to reply,” the man said. As a result of people’ complaints that water firms are overcharging them, Kang’ata confirmed that the two will continue to work together and announced his plans to deploy smart water meters.

The county also intends to create a digital land register where citizens can pay various fees, including land rates. Ndegwa reaffirmed that as the nation proceeds toward the digitalization of services, his organization will continue to assist both the federal and county governments.

As you are aware, the nation is moving toward a digital future, thus it is crucial that we do as well.

You heard the president mention digitizing over 5,000 services over the next six months, and as the top technology business, we are thrilled to be working with the government.

According to him, digitization enables the government to deliver services directly to citizens via their mobile device and lessens the need for travel.

He said that the business might assist county governments in using technology to boost revenue.

“Users of services shouldn’t be charged for the connectivity from their airtime or date when utilizing the service. Due to the fact that you are already paying for the real services, we’ll make sure they are zero-rated. Peter Kihungi, a Kangema MP, praised the governor for attempting to automate services.

Despite being the majority leader in the first county legislature, he claimed there were concerns with confrontations between tax payers and enforcement personnel. A matatu was engaged in an accident in Mathioya’s Kiria-ini while attempting to elude a law enforcement officer “said he.

“You might park your car, try unsuccessfully to find a parking attendant, but when you leave, they clamp your car.”

He claimed that digitization will make it easier to find matatus that have not paid their dues.


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