Mama Zuchu Dismisses Claims That Her Daughter Is In A Relationship With Diamond

The mother to Bongo Flava star Zuchu, Khadija Omar Abdallah Kopa a.k.a Khadija Kopa is now saying that she is not aware of any man in a relationship with Zuchu as she stressed how the songstress is single.

Kopa’s statement comes after a series of events that has seen Diamond and Zuchu being publicly lovey dovey, attracting relationship rumours in the social media arena.

In an interview with Mbego TV, Khadija Kopa narrated how she is ready to formally receive any man from her daughter as a son-in-law.

“Zuhra is a woman, if any man happens to want her hand in marriage and who she is ready to marry not just Diamond, then I have no issue, after all, I Want a son-in-law,” Kopa remarked.

The legendary Taaarab singer further dismissed claims that a secret wedding between Zuchu and Diamond took place.

This is news to me. It is not true, my daughter is not married nor has she introduced anyone to me for marriage,” Mama Zuchu added.

However, the sentiments of Khadija Kopa contrasts those of Mama Dangote who is Diamond’s mother.Mama Dangote had warmly welcomed Zuchu and Diamond’s relationship as she had penned some sweet message to Zuchu on her birthday, calling her daughter-in-law.

“I wish you a long life filled with blessings daughter-in-law Zuhura Othman Soud,” Mama Dangote said.

The sentiments spoke largely of what the ‘Kwi Kwi’ singer and her boss share, confirming an earlier video of Zuchu saying Diamond is her boyfriend.

Besides romantic moments that are sometimes caught on camera, the two spoil each other with expensive gifts and even take trips abroad together.


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