Why Frida Kajala Wants to Conceive Weeks After Breaking Up With Harmonize

Famous actress Frida Kajala Masanja has enticed her fan base confirming her interest in having a second baby.

While taking to her Instagram story today, Kajala who broke up with Konde boy award winning artist Harmonize, told fans that she is ready to be a mother again after several years of nursing big daughter Paula Kajala.

Mrs Frida Kajala now feels it’s the right time to adjust kinship figure following the fact that Paula Kajala is now a grown up baby.

“I think now ni muda sahihi wakupata mdogo wako dada paula,” she wrote.

As she hopes to make her attempts aiming at changing her current body curves; a step that might leave many predators desperate, the mother of one further swore never to use P2 contraceptives at every dose or injection she will receive next.

Where and who shall be the doctor to give Frida an injection now that Harmonize rests in the books of history?

As though it wasn’t enough, Frida Kajala added, “Akuna kutumia P2 tena I’m ready to be a mother again.”

This comes after the mother of one made a shocking surprise to her only begotten daughter, Paula Kajala, purchasing for her a brand new Toyota Crown that set fan base into a zone of blazing endless congratulatory messages.

Beautiful Paula Kajala on that day, did not hide her tears of joy appreciating her mother with a unique heartwarming thanksgiving message.

“I knew 2023 would be beautiful but I didn’t know it could be this beautiful. Kuna kina mama halafu kuna mama yangu mimi jamani,” Paula Kajala responded to the surprise.


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