Meet a Bungoma Man Claiming to Be The Real Jesus Christ, Chooses 12-Disciples

A Kenyan man based in Bungoma County in Western, going by the name Mwalimu Yesu wa Tongaren, claims that he is the real Jesus Christ sent to come and save this generation.

Mwalimu Yesu says his mission is to take the word around Africa and across the world.

The servant of God owns a church in his area abd like Jesus Christ, selected 12 disciples naming them after the descendants of Israel (Jacob). According to the source of this information, Afrimax English, these disciplines of this preacher are tasked to help him accomplish his mission.

They root their beliefs in prophetic messages. According to them, the visit paid to them by the Afrimax team from Rwanda was prophesied five years ago and this came to pass.

If one is seeking to join or enter the church, you’re first required to repent your trespasses then get your shoes off your feet in a separate room.

This man of God has one wife and are blessed with eight children. Mwalimu Yesu argues that his companion life is backed by the scripture quoted ‘the wife of the lamb.’

While speaking to Afrimax, the wife clearly stated that she also believe her husband is the real Jesus due to the incredible miracles he continuously perform.


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