Newborn Grabs Doctor’s Hand, Refuses to Let Go in Viral Clip: Hilarious Interpretations

Social media subscribers have reacted hilariously over a viral clip of a newborn infant, who has grabbed and refused to let go the doctor’s hand at the maternity room.

The video that was posted on the Instagram, has tickled a world of netizens leaving smiles on their faces. In the video, the newborn is seen holding the medical doctor’s glove by his right tiny fingers while lying on a separate bed, believed to be the maternity room.

Funnily, the efforts put by the doctor to free his finger proved futile. The beautiful innocent newborn seemed to had practiced well within the womb and had tight and unremovable grip.

This has tickled netizens who react differently and funnily on the little baby’s action.

A section of the comments under the clip took assumptions that blood is thicker than water that perhaps the newborn is holding the biological dad, who might be finding his escaping route out to avoid taking the responsibility.

“He must be the biological dad. Blood is thicker than water,” read in the comment of one Facebook user.

Another comment claimed that the little cute newborn wasn’t happy with his country of birth, while in another, the commenter claimed that the child doesn’t want to be disowned.

“That doctor must be the father. He’s planning to disown the infant, the infant hataki mchezo.” Read in another comment.


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