YY’s Wife Narrates Painful Life Experience of 2022

As new year 2023 starts today, Marya Okoth the wife of the funniest gentleman popularly known as YY has come out to express her absolute merry speaking about how she overcame going through 5 months of paralysis.

Marya described her unfortunate condition as a total darkness that the 2022 tornado has flew with.

“I am grateful to God that I went through darkness and able to see light again.” She said.

While narrating such an awkward moment of her life in her Official YouTube channel on the eve of new year 2023, she stated how she went to bed that night to sleep but woken up paralyzed, about five months ago.

She added, “I couldn’t feel it, I got scared I assumed I just needed a massage, and then it gets back.”

Marya noted how scary it looked to her that she had to inform her husband YY to explain her feeling.

However, YY mounted a heap of praise yo his wife describing her as a very strong lady having battled the wicked situation that cost them a lot in the hospital during medical check ups.

“Marya was admitted to the hospital to bring the blood clot down. Her leg was still unresponsive, and a CT Scan showed nothing. Doctors opted for an MRI, so she had to see a neurosurgeon”, he added.

Congratulations to heros of 2022 and we wish everyone a good health this 2023


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