Pritty Vishy Messages Ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy, Warns Current Girlfriend

Pritty Vishy can never have peaceful nights without the image of Stivo Simple Boy on her head.

This has lately been evident in the manner in which she has been consistently attacking the Kenyan rapper over the social media, with whom they exhausted pursuing couple goals together.

As usual, breakup is expected to be followed by a twin brother called ‘moving on’ which means forgetting everything about your past relationship. But in the case of the 20-years old Pritty Vishy, she has turned to be the noisy hornbill stuck in the forest of their past affair, keeping speaking of Simple Boy who loudly answers by silence.

This time around, the Kenyan socialite officially known as Purity Vishenwa took onto her Instagram saying she is the only woman who did justice to the 32-years old 2022 ‘Freshi Barida’ hitmaker.

“He be like simfuatilii sana. Kubali am the only woman who did you justice bro,” she penned it on her Instagram story.

She claims loudly to the public that the rapper himself is stuck madly in love with her despite declaring to had moved on with another lady months back.

However, she dropped a stunning message to Stivo’s fiance. In a peacock’s pride, she said Stivo will never stop thinking of Pritty and will hardly think of his current love-maker.

She wrote, “just one word for the wife or the girlfriend uko kwake, lakini hatawai kufikiria vile ananifikiria. You can never beat Pritty Vishy.”

From this war, it seems someone must be suffering from their past and signals desperation for a comeback


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