No Man Wants to be ‘Just Your Friend’, Popular Kikuyu Singer Urges Ladies

Do you have this opposite sex person who you always hang around with despite not being intimately connected? Do you have this opposite friend to whom you disclose even the sounds of pin drops in your bedroom? If you happen to have any, then it’s you that Loise Kim addresses today.

Loise Kim is an award winning Kikuyu gospel musician, thriving in the art industry gaining stars-in-the-sky like followers every bit of a second across her social media handles.

She gained access to the hall of fame after “Mujiari” song meaning ‘the parent’, a hit she produced a few years ago.

However, she condemns any active relationship between opposite sexes who claim to be nothing but just friends, terming it very impossible. She believes no more in this theory that majority of the people even in the marriages nowadays take to be an excuse covering up for their friendships.

While addressing her Facebook followers and fans, Loise Kim emphasized that ladies should be aware that no man wants to be ‘just your friend’ by now. She brought the concerns of magnetism concepts which states that two opposite poles will never repel against each other. It’s like bedding a sheep and a hyena to merry together, the hyena will obviously meal the innocent sheep.

As a consequence which makes Mrs Kim to trash this theory, she states that ‘just friend’ Relationship will never work out as the end result will be strings getting attached, no matter the time it will take.

She validated her statement visiting her memory to recollect what her grandmother always told her back in her days. She sounded to be one in a million that circled her legs in the olden days listening to grandma’s wise sayings.

And she quoted, “as a lady, you should realize that no man wants ‘to be just your friend’ by now. Unless he is your dad or blood brother. Always remember.”

This sparkled a lot of mixed reactions as large section of her Facebook fans proposed her piece of advice while the other, insisted that one only has to create stronger walls of Jericho as the boundary between the two persons involved and from there you can have a male friend with no strings attached.

Do you welcome her idea and what is the opinion you’re in for regarding the matter?


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