Two Fishermen Perish In Lake Victoria

Two of a family’s relatives were tragically killed in a boat accident, leaving the family in Sika Beach in Bondo Sub County in sadness. Mageta Island is home to Sika Beach.

Dedan Omondi Damai, 22, and Wycliffe Onyango Damai, 21, who died in the accident, were blood brothers, and they had been fishing at the beach prior to their tragic demise. Their boats capsized a few minutes after deploying their nets and setting off towards the coast, as confirmed by the beach’s chairman Julius Odemba.

As narrated by other fishermen who were ahead of them, “the heavy waves toppled the boats leading to the drowning just about ten minutes after casting their boats,” Odemba added.

Before starting their work, fisherman were instructed by Odemba to make sure their safety equipment was in place. Make sure you are wearing your life jackets, and in the event of severe waves, no one should be allowed to enter the lake, said Odemba. The brothers who drowned are still being sought after.

The family has requested assistance from the Siaya county authorities in order to recover the dead. The beach unit chairperson also urged the coast guard to uphold pertinent regulations and legislation to avoid such mishaps. The coast guard needs to enforce the law strictly and make sure that all fishermen abide by it.


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