Zari Hassan Defends toy boy lover Shakib against Marriage Claims with Shamirah

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has come out to defend their love with Shakib, trashing claims that she broke Shakib’s matrimony with a US-based lady going by the name Shamirah Sembatya.

This comes a day after Mrs Shamirah Sembatya even went ahead to share their marriage certificate, proving that Shakib and her are item. She further went to also share a Visa that she processed for Shakib inviting him for a visit.

The 42-years old mother of five, Zari Hassan, today shared nice and attractive photos of herself and Shakib from the Zari all-white party event.

One bold fan hit the nail at its head inquiring the depth of the story from Zari’s side, the fan inquired, “His wife claims you broke her marriage is that true,” the fan asked.

Zari responded by being protective of her 30-years old toy boy lover Shakib, saying Shamirah is just being a Clout chaser and no word is better to describe her.

Zari and Shakib have lately hit headlines, sharing best creamy moments of love. Going everywhere together with Zari like her handbag.

They have dated for 7-good months which makes the claims very questionable. Nonetheless, some blogging site in Uganda also established that Zari’s soulmate must be a target of love by many ladies, claiming that a whole pack of women that can fill famous Tanzanian Serengeti game park, have hinted claims of having bedded Shakib.

Will there be something worth noting anytime soon?


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