Zari Hassan’s Toy Boy Lover Shakib Accused of being a legal Husband to a US-based lady

A US-based lady by the name Nalule Shamirah Sembatya, has accused Zari Hassan’s newly found toy boy lover Shakib Lutaaya, to have been dating Zari outside their marriage.

While taking her lamentations onto social media, claiming of being the legit wife of the young gentleman Shakib, Shamirah evidently shared their wedding certificate showing they were married by law in 2016. The heartbroken Shamirah also shared the US Visa she processed for Shakib, in 2017, inviting him to visit her.

This magmatic eruption just comes amid rumours from Ugandan blogging site, leaking that the toy boy seemed to had prematurely adventured the secret kept underneath the sugarcane plantation, and is no longer faithful to Zari.

According to this source, a fully ferry of women have also come out to claim having dated Shakib too confirming his body counts. When did he start this adult game? That’s the puzzle now.

However, the 42-years old Zari Hassan and her fiance Shakib who just turned 30 countable days ago, have been mingling under one umbrella of love. It has been a period of about seven months now that the two have been publicly known to be serving couple goals.

Since the start of their love life, these two lovebirds have turned social media a romantic zone, sharing lovely photos and posts that convincingly give true definition of love.

In the meantime though, it’s hard to believe who is in with the truth but as we all know, truth never expires and soon, we shall know who is the rightful owner of the young man Shakib


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