Inspekta Mwala Saved on Stage After losing Balance as Eldoret Lady Heavily Shakes Her Juicy “Nyash’ on Him

Kenya’s popular veteran actor Inspekta Mwala cracked ribs in Eldoret as he fearfully takes off on the dance floor, when an Eldoret tall and heavily built lady turned to shake her back against Mwala’s front side.

A mammoth of crowd who attended the radio jambo road show could not hold their breathe to stop laughing seeing funny Mwala desperately run for his safety.

A video clip of the funny incident emerged and Inspekta Mwala is one of the hundreds of social media users who shared the viral clip. In that video, Mwala is seen appetizing for the beautiful well-shaped lady who joined the floor on the truck.

The lady upon spotting Inspekta Mwala, goes direct to him with suggestive dancing moves, which evenly lured Mwala to her.

Within a fraction of few seconds, the lady promptly turned her back Goliath of assets to Mwala’s sacred front land, intending to rub Mwala gently. The lady’s fatty back shook mercilessly near Mwala’s neck and so scary it looked for Mwala that he had to run away for rescue.

Thanks to Mwala’s colleague presenter Mbusii who sensed danger on Mwala and became his saviour.

I never knew that was fatal until Mwala himself wrote on his Instagram story how he nearly escaped death during the radio jambo road show in Eldoret.

“Leo kama sio mbusii kuniokoa, ningeenda kwa baba mbinguni,” he wrote.


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