Meet Huge Julius Charles Who has height of 7.5ft, wears a shoe size 18, T-shirt XXL, waist size 44

If you’re looking for the description of a ‘Giant’ man on earth, don’t go any further to skim through your Oxford Dictionary, just read this piece and the answer is here, Julius Charles. But who is Julius Charles?

He is the enormous man featuring in the newly released hitting video of Tanzanian Gospel musician Rose Muhando, titled Secret Agenda. The song is about fighting witchcrafts and wicked plans the foes of one’s Success, encouraging the listeners that God has the ability to reverse those wicked agenda into blessings.

In that video is the tall man with gigantic stature tasked with a dramatic role of being a guard. His name is Julius Charles, a second born in a family of seven birthed in Mwanza Tanzania. Giant Julius seems to have been aware that his height compares nowhere near electric poles and has some DNA of Goliath in the Bible, hence identifies himself as ‘The giant Julius’ over the social media handles.

Unfortunately, sources tell that in their family of seven, He is exceptionally with the tall genes.

While looking into his biography, Julius like any other person with unique characteristics, became focal point amidst his age-mates, as people could invest critiques on his height and unique body features.

Also, his biggest challenges are poised on access into the room. He never finds it a walk in the park to enter buildings and vehicles. I wonder if he has no issues sitting inside the vehicle because he never mentioned this. Finding the right size of his clothes in the shopping malls is a hell of fire to him too. This is because of his unique fitness measurements. He has a height of 7.5ft, wears a shoe size 18, T-shirt XXL, waist size 44 at just 29 years old.

His height is not only a center of insults and critics but a scarecrow to majority that he looks strange to. Oftentimes, strangers fear him and some tend to run away when they see him.

However, uniqueness does not only bring him bad moments but also a silvery plate of a career. His gigantic stature has opened doors for him to receive paradise treatments in education through sponsorships and plays basketball which has speeded up a global recognition to him.

You want to see him? Make sure you watch Rose Muhando’s new video ‘Secret Agenda’


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