Master J Slams Kenyan Top Artists, Says they Make and Earn Peanuts

Joachim Marunda Kimaryo alias Master J, a Tanzanian musician has just thrown dust on Kenyan A-list artists saying they make little in the art world and compares no where near top musician earners of his country.

While responding to an online post that was slamming and belittling the Tanzanian musicians concerning how much they earn, Master J with the proud of a peacock bragged of their king of Bongo flava Diamond Platinumz.

According to him, the amount that Diamond Platinumz milks whenever he steps on stage for a single show is more than what all A-list Kenyan artists make even if they would be combined.

His response read, “really, the last time I checked, Diamond makes more money on one show than all your A-list artists combined. Au umesahau, you’re really misinformed.”

In the post that triggered the exchange of words, the writer who identifies themselves as mbzdancerz noted that the least earning known artist in the country is well-off financially compared to the most top earners of Tanzanian musicians.

Funny enough are the responses from their fans who engaged into a blazing discussion, going further to compare the currencies of the the two neighbouring nations.

A fan wrote this to agree to disagree with Master J, “Yes, but In Tanzanian currency. When you convert into Kenyan shillings hearts get broken.”


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