Garissa: Al Shabaab Attack Leaves Three People Dead

Al Shabaab carried out an attack in Garissa on Wednesday morning that left at least three persons dead.

Between the Hayley Lapset Camp and Garissa, two police officers and a civilian were attacked while traveling in a police car. According to authorities and survivors, the terrorists initially demobilized the speeding police car with an improvised explosive device before launching a rocket propelled grenade.

Then, while other officers fled for their lives, they opened fire on the car, killing two officers and one civilian. It is unknown where those who fled into a bush ended up.

According to the police, an undetermined number of terrorists planted the device on the road early in the morning and ambushed the approaching car. Those inside the vehicle managed to survive after the automobile ran over the IED and it exploded, killing the driver. However, they came under fire from rifles and RPGs. The attackers then started a fire in the car.

The car belonged to the Galmagalla police station in Bura East, which is part of the road project connecting Lamu Port with South Sudan, Ethiopia, and transportation. The Lapsset corridor program connects Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan in the largest and most complex infrastructure project in Eastern Africa.

The border between Kenya and Somalia lies close by. George Seda, the head of the North Eastern police, stated that they are pursuing the attackers and that more officers have been sent to the region to conduct searches for the missing. According to police, intelligence indicates that some terrorists have been released from Somalia and are now operating in Kenya close to the border.


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