Makena Njeri Officially Changes Her Name to Chris Muriithi

Makena Njeri, who is one of the gifted journalists in the country, is the CEO of Bold Network Africa that advocates for the rights of the gay community in Kenya.

She officially declared herself to be a member of the gay community last year after rumours broke from the public sphere.

She decided to bring out the cat out of the bucket when she told the public that she was the fiancee to beautiful Michelle Ntalami. Makena Njeri in this relationship, assumed the roles of being a man and hopefully did the masculine push ups to make their love grow intimately with Michelle Ntalami.

However, this relationship didn’t go farther beyond their noses after being caught pants down to be cheating. This caused a period of unrest and trust issues developed speedily and they could not keep up anymore, but had to part ways peacefully.

Today, Makena Njeri has officially changed her name to Chris Muriithi, a man’s name which means she is done being a lady despite not having super powers to outdo her gonads, if she only had the power, she would go for her own manhood and even choose a better size and length for herself.

Being a man, is what has always been the now Muriithi’s life dream. While some other ladies always dream to be submissive wives to their future husbands, spending more time in churches fasting day in day out for a responsible husband and 3-5 good children, she is busy making the otherwise prayers, spending her whole time praying for a submissive wife too despite being a lady.

This is something she regrets not realizing from childhood and she is seemingly a proud peacock on being a man now. She said, “”I wish I was able to live my truth when I was a kid…I am currently living my truth and working with communities to make sure other kids have it easy.”

Further, the now Chris Muriithi, ensured she changed the name in all her social media handles changing even the pronoun of her name. She has however promised not to bend low in her journey to advocate for the rights of LGBTQ community and is bold enough to do something unique to the team.


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