Zari’s Last Nail on Critics for Dating Younger Man Shakib

Zari has been the talk of the town lately over her new relationship with Shakib. The internet has been overflowing with merciless critics being rained upon the duo, the main issue being their age difference.

Currently, the socialite and famous businessman Zari is 42-years old with only 3-years remaining to join the infertility circle as science tells that 45 is the age of menopause. Her new lover Shakib on the other hand, is only 31, young and energetic to sire as many descendants of Abraham as he can till he hits his last call to join his patriarchs.

The two, are swimming in a pool of roses right now as Zari lately revealed that her man Shakib Lutaaya took her to meet his parents, who did not have any issue with their age difference.

“Shakib took me to see his parents and they were very nice, and I don’t even remember them complaining about the relationship,” the Ugandan said, further making it crystal clear that she won’t any longer be fazed by critics of haters and shall not justify what’s already going to the moon.

Zari who is already a mother of five including Diamond Platinumz’s two kids, also revealed that she is planning to have as many more children with Shakib as per the ability of Shakib to sow his seeds in her.

However, she didn’t lack to have a line for the haters who according to her, thinks their companion with Shakib is a hell breaking lose sooner. She said, “Those who said it will end in tears, go back to your healers and ask them to return the money, the magic did not work.”

We wish them well and hope their happiness will hit the clouds. May Zari, despite being Shakib’s only rose, receive as many flowers of anniversaries as possible.


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