Unforgivable: Details on Why Frida Kajala Split With Harmonize Emerge

Rajab Abdul Kahali, better and popularly known by the stage name Harmonize did not stop making headlines again months after heartbreaking his fiancee Frida Kajala’s heart over cheating.

Following latest reports circulating all over social media, Harmonize has broken the second chance pledge he pleaded for when he asked for a reconciliation from his lover Frida Kajala earlier this year.

Despite Kajala taking her regrets to her Instagram for being fooled, they two have yet given reasons behind their break-up until Wasafi Media presenter Diva tha Bause has finally dropped the bombshell on what led to the breakup.

According to presenter Diva who works in Diamonnd Platinumz’s radio station, Kajala announced their separation and tethered it on cheating grounds, that Harmonize cheated again on his lover. This time, extending to even making his side chic pregnant. Diva further added that Harmonize was caught pants down without any further excuse to make.

“The lady is five months pregnant,” read Diva’s post. “When he was caught talking on the phone, he froze. Secondly, he was caught with a lady, red-handed.” He added.

The matatizo hitmaker back then, was allegedly accused for attempting to shoot his shots for Paula Kajala, the then teen daughter of Frida Kajala who was at that time, the fiancee of Harmonize. That is what led to their first breakup in April 2021.

Will Frida Kajala be lured by another Range Rover to give in for the second apology if not the third?


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