‘Kweli nilifanya makosa’ Frida Kajala regrets Reconciling With Harmonize as the two Break Up Again

The bongo movie actress Frida Kajala has hinted that she is no longer an item with her man Harmonize. It seems the critics were not wrong that it will end in premium tears as beautiful Frida, on Thursday night took a cryptic message blaming herself for falling in love trap again.

For a good span of days, the two lovebirds have not been spotted together in the public but no further details have emerged. However, the eyebrows started being raised after it clearly came to hit the public sphere that Kajala has pulled down all the Instagram photos she ever took with her Harmonize.

As if it’s not enough, she also edited her social media platforms by removing every tag that initially indicated that she is Harmonize’s manager. Further, the two unfollowed each other on Instagram, doing an action that has now immensely fueled their breakup reports.

Despite not mentioning exactly Harmonize in her post, it’s enough for any of their fan with sound mind to smell a rat.

While taking this at her social media platform, Kajala said she’s entitled to love and to forgive by nature of creation. She however said she deserves more blames as well for giving in to huge mistake.

“Mimi kama mwanamke na binadamu nimeumbwa kupenda na kusamehe pia,ila kwenye hili nastahili kuchekwa, nastahili kubezwa na kudharauliwa pia.” Said Kajala.

Before reconciling to come together for this relationship, Kajala and Harmonize had a previous history that only lasted for two months in 2021, and they broke up then on grounds that the Konde boy was caught seducing Kajala’s daughter Paula Kajala. This was a genuine reason to separate them then.

Harmonize later moved on with some Australian lady before coming back for forgiveness six months later with two Ranger Rovers and putting Kajala up on a huge billboard as a way of saying sorry to her.

And today, as they say choices have consequences, so Kajala knows the meaning of the phrase better.

Sipo hapa kujitetea wala kutia huruma ni kweli nilifanya makosa na nimeyagundua makosa yangu, mimi siyo mkamilifu. Hakika nimekosea familia yangu, ndugu zangu, na marafiki zangu. Kutenda kosa si kosa, kosa kurudia kosa,” she noted.


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