Harmonize Reveal What Motivated Him to Do ‘Weed Language’ Song

After being summoned by the Commissioner General of the Drug Control and Enforcement Unit Mr Gerald Kusaya, the Konde Gang CEO Tanzanian singer Harmonize has now gone down on his knee to apologize over his latest release featuring Konshens dubbed ‘Weed Language’.

“The general leadership of Konde Gang Music worldwide is apologizing over the content of my latest song ‘Weed Language,” he said.

In his statement, the Tanzanian star admitted that their release actually gone against the morals and ethics of their nation. As a result, they felt it’s right and better to pluck it off the social media sites.

“The song has gone against the morals of our nation. Because of the impact, the song has had on our people, we have also agreed to remove it completely from all our social media platforms.” He added.

However, what drove Harmonize into releasing such a content despite being a known public figure and a patriot to his nation? This remain a riddle that only Harmonize himself can give its answer

According to the singer, he has been working on this project for a long period of time and his target was to publicize the end product this month of December. He was motivated to do something new about weed and he promised himself death should he fail to do that in the course of this new festive season.

Harmonize said, “This December if I don’t release a song about weed, shoot me.”

Back in the days however, Harmonize once got summoned for illegally using weed, although he denied the accusations on grounds that he is never a subscriber to bhang at any point of his life. Will this let him face the law?


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