Sarah Hassan Finally Reacts to Senator Sifuna’s Love Declaration for Her

Famous ex-citizen actress officially known as Sarah Hassan, eventually kills silence as she publicly declare her stand on Nairobi senator Edwin Sifuna’s love declaration for her, a declaration that Sifuna made while delivering a speech during Kalasha Awards event.

The actress that hit the hall of fame last year as Zora, in the Zora series, was tagged by a friend at Instagram on a trending caption of Sifuna who said his attendance at Kalasha was hugely motivated by the expectation to meet Sarah Hassan, his long time crush.

I will admit that I accepted the invitation because I had a strong desire to meet a lady whom I have admired for many years, she is called Sarah Hassan buy I have not seen her,” said the City Senator who left the congregation in stitches.

At the crowd, one of the female guests is hard shouting with angelic voice asking Sifuna to look beyond the boundaries of expectations and find out the ones that are available.

Sisi ndio tuko!” The voice comes.

Sarah Hassan on the other hand, reacted on friends post on which she was tagged, by laughing it off unbelievably. She captioned back that it’s a big joke and has seemingly taken Sifuna’s words with no weight at all.

This is relatable with the fact that the actress is happily married with only one child currently. This means she’s no longer a prey in the field to be hunted by the predators


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