KCB, Kodris Africa Partner To Offer Customers Discounted Coding Lessons

Kenya Cooperative Bank (KCB) has partnered with education technology firm Kodris Africa to provide customers with access to coding lessons at discounted rates and also allow for payments in installments.

Kodris Africa subscription licenses for the coded courses will retail at Sh9,860 down from Sh19,720 signifying a 50 percent discount annually.

Schools will on the other hand access classroom licenses at a price of Sh26, 622 down from Sh29,580 in the previous years.

Additionally, qualified KCB customers can sign up for online coding classes at a monthly cost of Sh822, with the installment payment available to those using KCB credit cards.

“We have traditionally supported the advancement of education across the various levels. We are now at the forefront of driving the mainstreaming of digital learning. We want to support the entire ecosystem for the country to achieve its education ambitions of access and quality,” said Annastacia Kimtai, the KCB Retail Banking Director.

Kodris Africa has been approved by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KIDC) to roll out the first coding courses for primary and secondary school learners.

Coding is the act of translating human ideas and intentions into commands computers can undertake. Common examples of technologies that run on coding include Internet banking, ATMs, and mobile banking.

KCB customers will enjoy 50% discount when they pay for coding licence from Kodris Africa using their KCB card for the next 2 months. To access the service click here


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