Daddy Owen Opens Up on Ideal Woman To Remarry

What answer would you give if someone asks you about the kind of woman you would want to marry? Of course, every man has a different taste and preference and so is the Vanity singer Daddy Owen who has cleared the air on the type of woman he wants to date with the intentions to remarry.

For Daddy Owen, who disclosed his love story to content creator Mwende Macharia, a ‘Kienyeji’ would be his ideal jewel of a life partner and he wouldn’t mind anyone less of that should the chance come on a silver plate.

“I said I’m not looking for someone to date right now but given a chance I’ll look for someone maybe who was brought up in the village,” he told Mwende.

It is at this point that the singer outburst his intentions to remarry. Does he look forward to moving on sooner?

“Understand because once you have been there ni kama mtu aliniambia when women give birth they are asked if they will do it again, now you get my point, but eventually when they look after this child they say they want another one.” He added.

From his sentiments, It seems life without a partner defines true meaning of being incomplete and lack of something special in life. Something he relates with the ability of a woman to revisit the labour ward despite the pain and risks they face in the process of giving birth


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