Betty Kyalo Finds Love Again?

Who wouldn’t want to be loved? Who wouldn’t want to build a healthy home in someone’s heart? Show me one and I will prove you wrong. Betty Kyalo, despite divorcing her first husband back then, did not run out of space to gift another woman’s son.

It has been revealed that Betty Kyalo is currently in a new relationship with a prominent lawyer called Nick Ndeda. This has hit the attention of Kyalo’s fan base after she got spotted with a bouquet of flowers which she said is an highlight of her week.

It seems lawyer Ndeda got the right scent and colours for her. The fragrance must have not only healed the wounds pierced in her heart in the last relationship, but also gave a benefit of doubt that love still exist. Based on her statement, Kyalo is a living testimony that love is a beautiful thing.

For her, the pieces of advice from her mother not to rush into a new relationship any time soon, were good and she waited patiently for the clock to tickle. However, something unexplainable happened. Well, they say love is blind and you never know the exact time you get engulfed into a man’s territory.

Won’t it take longer before we see some good moments of someone’s son and a hero going down on one knee, asking for a yes from another man’s daughter with intentions to tie souls? This is the puzzle we all want to connect.


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