Mammito Is Single And Ready To Mingle, Confirms Break-up With Eddie Butita

Kenyan comedienne Mammito Eunice has disclosed that she and Eddie Butita are no longer dating and that they parted ways a long time ago.

In an interview with Kamene TV ,the comedienne hilariously invited men who are interested in her to her inbox.

She went on to jokingly mention that indeed she has grown bigger and more beautiful since Butita and her went their separate ways.

The two ex-couple had never openly discussed their split, but things notably started going south when they unfollowed each other and stopped posting each other online.

It was also noted that they stopped doing content together as Mammito currently produces content with Terence Creative and his wife, Milly Chebby.

Mammito’s claims to being single comes after a few weeks after she disclosed that she was in a serious relationship on her 29th birthday.

This she confirmed in an interview on Milele FM, when she denied being single as she was on vacation enjoying her birthday with her man.

“Mimi nakaa kukaa single hata siku moja? Nikaiwachwa tu hivi watu wako kwa line,….Do I look like I can ever be single?Even if dumped there will always be men flooding my DM” she said.

While she declined to say who this new man is, she disclosed that he’s low-key, meaning he’s not in the public eye.


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