Andrew Kibe Versus Thee Pluto And Girlfriend Over DNA Test Advice

It has just been few days since content creators Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru announced the birth of their first child together, named Zoey.

The couple welcomed their newborn daughter on 4th November 2022 and happily shared the special news on social media.

When the news reached controversial content creator Andrew Kibe,he did not hesitate to give an opinion. Kibe advised Thee Pluto to do a DNA test to be sure of the partenity of the child.

In his Youtube channel the former Radio host said that the content creator should not be too quick to trust that the child is his.

Kibe’s advice was on the basis that the couple had once broken up in the past and due to that it might have been compelled to be prone to infiltrated by a third party.

On her side,Felicity Shiru, The girlfriend to content creator Thee Pluto ,in a Q & A session woth her Instagram followers,reacted to Kibe’s Suggestion by just laughing a off the matter.

A fan had asked Felicity if she was going to do a DNA test like Kibe had suggested. In response she said;

“acha nisiongee vibaya.”


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