Anerlisa Muigai Releases Instagram Rate Card

Anerlisa Muigai, the heiress to the multibillion Keroche Breweries Company, has opened up a personal Instagram account to advertisers and has set up quite costly charges.

She unveiled her rate card saying her rates will be different from other social media influencers because she did not want her page looking like an advertising media.

“It’s okay to say no. I was always a yes person like do this, okay. Send me this, okay. Post this for me, okay. I realized not having boundaries and the power to say no is what causes more stress and lack of peace of mind.So if you want something posted for free without any agreement, I am sorry I won’t be able to do that anymore. Please pay as everyone else. I’ll post my rates on the next slide,” Anerlisa said.

She then went ahead to post her rate card on her insta stories.From what we see her portraying in social media,Anerlisa can undoubtedly be siad to be living an expensive lifestyle.Well,her rate card turned out to be a replica of the lifestyle.

For her to post three posts on her main page for three weeks, Anerlisa said she would charge Sh 728,400.

To post three stories on her Instagram stories for 24 hours, she would charge small business advertisers Sh 12,140.For corporate and companies, Anerlisa said she would charge Sh 24,280 to post three posts on her Instagram stories for 24 hours.

If an advertiser wants their advert posted on three Instagram stories and to run for 12 hours on her page, she will charge them Sh 7,891.

For her to mention any business or service under her personal picture on her Instagram account, she would charge a client Sh 60,700 per picture/mention.

To become a brand ambassador for a product or service, Anerlisa said she would charge clients Sh 12,140,000 for three months.

“I will not accept any brand that includes nudity,” Anerlisa noted.

For her appearances to promote a product or service, Anerlisa said she would charge clients Sh 1,821,000 for two and a half hours of her time.

Lastly, she said that for anyone wishing to buy her social media pages, she would charge them Sh 36,420,000. She has a following of 1 million on Instagram and 134,000 followers on Facebook.


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