Erick Omondi And Kalighraph Jones War Of Words

It has alway been chaotic whenever Erick Omondi and Kalighraph Jones are mentioned in one sentence.

The two have adamantly refused to bury the hatchet of their long-standing feud that they have been holding online.

Well,it is yet another round Erick Omondi and Kalighraph Jones to step on each other’s toes.

Recently Erick left the country for a trip to Uganda with an outfit that became the talk of town.He wore a polythene-like black shiny fit that left fans wondering.

He claimed to have gone to Uganda to represent the country and he was among top 15 African comedians.

He took up a post in his Instagram page calling out Kalighraph Jones to level up first before they have any conversations.

“I hear Kalighraph talking down there.Tell him to level up so we can be having balanced and equal conversations.I can’t here him while up here.”He wrote.

This is after a video went viral of Kalighraph jones reacting to Erick Omondi as the President of comedy going to Uganda to represent the country.

In a local interview, Kalighraph is seen bashing Erick omondi,saying that Erick has no business talking about the entertainment industry and should instead work on improving himself and not compare himself with people who are his juniors in the limelight.

Kalighraph added that Erick was already a star when he was just a local hustler in town but now he has done more development that Erick.

He went on to to trash Erick Omondi’s self proclamation as the president of comedy saying that he has lost his relevance in comedy as upcoming comedians are already taking over the industry.

“Erick was already overthrown by the likes of terence creative,Crazy Kennar and Cartoon comedian.He should not be running his mouth about his industry.When I was a bouncer and suffering in town Erick was already a super star but right now he can’t tell me nothing.”Said Kalighraph.


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