DT Dobie Unveils Sh16 Million Mercedes-Benz Truck Made In Kenya.

As demand for heavy vehicles grows, DT Dobie has showcased a Sh16 million locally made Mercedes Benz truck.

The introduction of the Actros 3340 vehicle follows the implementation of a government legislation prohibiting the importing of used trucks into the country.

Locally assembled vehicles, as opposed to imported vehicles, are tax exempt under the 2022 Finance Act, which went into force in July 2022.

According to DT Dobie Managing Director Chris Ndala, the local assembly initiative has made it more economical for many Kenyan businesses to purchase new assets rather than already constructed ones.

“Sourcing vehicles locally also reduces the lead time for product delivery when compared to importing, which is subject to global geopolitical and logistical issues,”

“Buyers also have the satisfaction of knowing that the units give a longer time of operation before reaching the mileage of imported used vehicles, resulting in a larger return on investment,” Ndala said.

Owners of vehicles will be able to use DT Dobie services in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Kisumu, among other places.

“For Mercedes-Benz, reliability is more than just a buzzword; it is a 120-year-old history. The 3340 trucks are built to handle the hard and demanding circumstances found in our Kenyan/African environment “He said.

“Furthermore, DT Dobie now provides Mobility solutions for Mercedes-Benz Trucks through a full-service contract. Mobility solutions save the client the cost of purchasing a new truck by providing vehicle operating for a fixed monthly fee over a specified time period and distance.”

It aims to make logistics, manufacturing, construction, mining, agriculture, and humanitarian services more fuel efficient.

“The truck boasts a 16-speed automatic transmission for improved fuel efficiency, telematics for tracking vehicle usage, and an L-cab for driver comfort. Furthermore, depending on the customer’s needs and preferences, the 3340 model is available with either air or steel suspension “Ndala elaborated.


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