Comedian Butita Reveals Girlfriend’s Baby Bump

Well, if you know him well,Comedian Eddie Butita is a hard man to read and is always full of surprises.

Butita rarely share details of his personal life on social media and so part of his social life has always remained private especially his relationships.

Butita has yet again caught us by surprise.Just after being said to have broken up with his alleged ex-girlfriend Comedian Mammito(who Butita ofcourse never claimed publicly)he has unveilled a woman’s baby who has been presumed to be his girlfriend.

In a video shared by Butita’s friend comedian YY on his insta stories,Butita is seen leaning on a woman’s baby bump.YY captioned the video with a congratulatory message as he looked forward to being a dad.

The video however left fans questioning Mammito’s whereabouts as they realized that Mammito has not been in the public space for a while.I mean,she has been sharing tbt videos and the last time people heard of her was when Butita verbally attacked presenter Ankali who had called inquiring about the comedians relationship.

People are already speculating that the woman might be Mammito but at this point we cant help but wonder as we wait for a proper revelation,if at all there will be.


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