Eddie Kenzo’s Elder Brother Dead After Attack

Ugandan award winning singer Edrisah Musuuza a.k.a Eddy Kenzo has lost his elder a brother.

This is after his family was informed of the brutal murder of their older brother Mande Hassan Kiwalabye.

According to reports published online, Eddy Kenzo’s elder brother was attacked by thugs in the areas of Katwe, a Kampala suburb, on Monday.

The thugs are said to have beaten him so extremely leaving him unconscious and with severe injuries including a broken jaw.

Once the family was informed of the brutal murder of Mande,he was quickly rushed to hospital for medical help and on getting to the hospital,doctors acted fast to try and save his life. He was operated on and later discharged with medication for the intense pain.

Sadly, his condition did not improve and Eddy’s brother was for a second time rushed to hospital for an evaluation of his condition where he then passed on.


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