“My Votes Were Stolen,” Says Bahati.

  • Bahati did not want to follow the footsteps of the Kamba community politicians.
  • He said that He won but his votes were stolen.

Ever since after the general elections were held on August 9, 2022, a death silence has been noticed by the Bahati fans towards the Bahati’s family. This is simply because the Bahati’s are well known for chasing clouts now and then just to gain the public attention and therefore going out of the public’s eye even for a day, it’s quite noticeable.

Few days ago, Bahati released a song dubbed as “Mambo ya Mhesh ,The message that the secular artist was trying to pass was that life goes on even after an election loss but the name that people were once referring to him with as “mhesh” still remain.


Passing the message through the song still was not enough since he didn’t get the satisfaction that he wanted and therefore he gathered strength to talk about the defeat in the Mathare Constituncy race.

On October 8th Wamusyi Night Festival was held at Signature Mall and he pointed out that he did not want to follow the footsteps of other leading politicians from the Kamba community who sacrificed their ambitions for others.

“In the past ,Mike Sonko was told to step aside, Kalonzo was told to step aside and Bahati was also told to step aside” He lamented.

He further addressed his loss in the Mathare race claiming that he knew he would be rigged out.

“So I did not win, but I knew they would steal my votes” He said


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