Love Birds: Harmonize And Kajala Tattoo Each Other’s Names

  • The two love birds have tattooed their fingers.
  • Last year, they tattooed their neck, but later broke up.

Love is indeed in the air. Harmonize, Tanzanian bongo artist and celebrity together with his wife Frida Kajala tattooed their ring finger as a show of love and affection. Harmonize tattooed letter ‘K’ on his finger to represent Kajala’s name while her girlfriend Kajala tattooed letter ‘R’ representing Harmonize’s official name ‘Rajab’.

Last year, Harmonize tattooed letter ‘K’ with a queen’s crown and a heart emoji while his love bird  tattooed ‘H’ with a king’s crown and an ace symbol on their necks to confirm their love for each other. This however ended up with a breakup which left them with no other choice than to erase their respective tattoos.

Social media fans shared their views on their decision and  one person said,

“Isnt it the same as blocking and unblocking each other? Which most of us are very familiar with. Ni fedha hatuna za(it’s the money we don’t have for) tattooing and erasing… wacha watu wapendane (let people love each other)”

Harmonize seems not to be shaken concerning the public views on what to do and what not to do on his relationship with Kajala to work bearing in mind that they once underwent a breakup tragedy.

As they once said, Rome wasn’t build on a single day and in order for something to really work out, one has to try not once, twice or thrice but consistency and forgiveness seems to be the elements that will nature a perfect relationship.


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