“After My Death, No Muslim Should Dare Cut Off My Tattoos, I Will Come Back And Haunt Them”- Eddy Kenzo

Ugandan Singer Eddy Kenzo has announced that no one should dare remove his tattoos even after death and warned that if anyone attempts to,he will be very mad at them.

While in an interview on a local Ugandan Television, Eddy Kenzo made it clear that no one should ever mess up his body after death.

He ordered that no one should tamper with his tattoos during preparations for his burial as he will only deal with Allah about his tattoos.

“No muslim should cut off or remove my tattoos after my death, I will be very mad at them… That is my choice and I will have to deal with my creator about them after I am gone”- Eddy Kenzo stated.

According to different Islamic Teachings, Body Tattoos are considered taboos that’s why when a Muslim dies in Uganda, they cut them off.

Muslim teachings state that tattoo ink gets in the way of purification water that one must take before undertaking the daily prayer, making their prayers impure before God hence making them Harram.


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