“I’m Even Tired Of Lying”, Pritty Vishy Reveals Her Real Age

Content creator and artist Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-lover Purity Vishenwa alias Pritty Vishy has finally revealed her real age after lying to her fans for several years. Vishy has always emphasized that she is in her early 20s, even though her fans have always questioned this.

With a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram, the content creator revealed her true age to her followers. Vishy challenged her audience to ask her any question throughout the session, and she was more than happy to respond. Daringly, one of the admirers questioned Vishy’s actual age.

“What is your real age? Unaturn how old this year na usidanganyeo,” the fan enquired.

In a quick rejoinder, Vishy notified her fans that she will turn 29 years contrary to her previous remarks. She declared that she was tired of lying to everyone as he is approaching third floor. Last year, the digital content creator indicated that she would be turning 22 years in October.

“Okaaaaay..you don’t catch me now,my real age? I’m even tired of lying. am turning 29 this year. am so sorry guys for lying to you that am 22yrs,” Vishy responded.

Credits: Pritty Vishy’s Instagram.

In yet another post, the social media influencer slammed the people who have been body shaming her. She asserted that, while exercising at her own pace, she is willing to lose weight in order to slim down. Vishy further indicated that the gym decision will make tremendous changes on her body such that nobody will recognize her.

“Just give me time because the day I will decide to work on this tummy and arm you all won’t be ready,” she wrote.

Credits: Vishy’s Instagram.

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