Hamisa Mobetto Corroborates Fallout With Kevin Sowax

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has cleared the air on her current relationship with Kevin Sowax. The renowned couple was previously speculated to have splitted but the duo had not officially confirmed on the same.

Via an interview with Tanzanian based Zamaradi TV, Mobetto revealed that she is single since she had parted ways with Sowax a while ago. She based their split on distance relationship and lack of time to make up for each other.

The single mother of two indicated that she is currently open to dating and finding love again. Advancing men were invited by Mobetto to take their chances.

Hamisa Mobetto in an interview with Zamaradi TV. Credits: Zamaradi TV’s Instagram.

In February, Sowax hinted on enstranged relationship after he deleted all of Mobetto’s photos from his social media. He did not, however, divulge any particulars concerning their falling out.

Mobetto introduced Sowax to the world when he gifted her a brand new Range Rover last year. At the time, she expressed her gratitude to the newly found prince charming for being a loving and caring man. With all the compliments she gave him, she thought she had finally found her true love. The model disclosed her aspiration to wed Sowax and establish a contented family.

“For a while, I was seeing that I didn’t have faith in marriage, during that period I had never really seen any example that I should have my marriage like a certain man and his wife. But now I see the importance of marriage, considering that now I have children and I know that the importance of the husband will be this and that, now I see examples, I see things on the internet until I feel like getting married,” the socialite said.

Everyone could smell love in the air as the pair portrayed the ideal couple. Sowax expressed his hope for a better future experience with his lover. They pledged to stand by one another and help one another out whenever they could.

“From the moment saw you, I knew you were the one. The more I get to know you the stronger my feelings grow. I’m grateful to have you in my life and excited for the future experience,” Sowax said.


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