Director Trevor Craves For Mungai Eve’s Companionship

Director Trevor, Mungai Eve’s ex-boyfriend, has made vague references to their potential reunion. Over a year has passed since the ex-couple decided to call it quits.

During a special interview with content creator Trudy Kitui, the director disclosed that he often longs for his former partner, particularly the collaborative nature of their past. Trevor refrained from discussing his present romantic attraction to Eve, though.

Following their breakup, the filmmaker enlisted Eve Nyaga to take over for his former partner. As a result, internet users began to speculate that the two were dating. In a brave move, Trevor revealed that he is not dating Nyaga; instead, they are in a professional partnership.

Nyaga, for her part, seized the chance to support her boss. When asked why he had promised Nyaga a new car for her birthday, Trevor responded that it was just a token of his appreciation because she had done so much to advance Kenya Online Media. The director stated that Nyaga ought to be recognized for her efforts given that she had only been employed for a few weeks.

Kitui was also intrigued to know why Trevor chose Nyaga over other contestants considering that she had a similar name as that of the director’s ex-girlfriend. Since he was familiar with Nyaga’s work, the director concluded that she was the most appropriate.

“Mimi nilipeana tu kazi. Aliniomba kazi na nikampea. Alii-deserve juu ya experience na pia namjua. Hatu date,” Trevor said.

Trevor and Eve parted ways over a year ago. But until they came clean about their estranged relationship, the couple chose to keep the news quiet. Tranquiling his former girlfriend out of his life, Trevor assumed control of their family business.


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