“Am Breaking Apart”, Kareh B Exposes The Negligence Which Led To Her Son’s Death

Artist Kareh B has questioned the authorities’ ignorance following a road accident involving students from Chavakali High School, citing their negligence. The singer made references to the government and school authorities’ recklessness while lamenting the loss of her son Joseph Mwadulo.

Kareh bemoaned the lack of response from the Chavakali High School administration to her inquiries regarding her son’s passing in a lengthy post on her Facebook page. Even after Mwadulo’s tragic death, she claims the school has not gotten in touch with her. According to the Mugithi star, someone was bought off by the school administration to cover the entire incident.

Kareh also questioned why the government and organizations dedicated to road safety were ignoring the problem. The musician said that the appropriate authorities ought to have acted following the incident, bearing in mind that the impacted students were traveling at night.

“I Need Answers😭
Am breaking Apart…
I have been a parent at Chavakali Boys for the past 4years and no one has called to inform me on my son’s death or better still condole with me😭😭you even had to bribe someone with 30k!!!😭😭😭😭.
Is my son worth 30k??😭😭😭
**Chavakali Boys; when are you planning to communicate?
**Education Minister; who permitted minors to travel at night?😭
**Transport &Roads Minister; was the whole traffic Marshall asleep that no one noticed minors travelling at night?
**Government; what is your take on this Issue..are you going to continue being silent and lose more children on the roads…what measures are you putting in place to curb the accidents doing the rounds especially the young generation..Do we need to resurrect Michuki😭
I Need Answers😭😭😭
Go well my Son😭😭, the actress wrote.

Credits:Kareh B’s Facebook.

The teenager alongside other students were traveling from school to Nairobi for their first term holiday. Sadly, the Easy Coach driver lost control at Kisumu’s Mamboleo roundabout. While the other students suffered severe injuries, Mwadulo lost his life.

The driver fled from the scene and police are still searching for him. This occurs in the middle of an ongoing initiative to address the nation’s rising accident rate.


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