Kenya Doctors Reject Government’s Offer Amid Ongoing Strike

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) has declined a Ksh.2.4 billion offer from the government aimed at ending the ongoing doctor’s strike. This move comes amidst escalating tensions between healthcare workers and the government.

State House Chief of Staff and Head of the Public Service Felix Koskei recently announced the substantial offer, stating that the funds would facilitate the posting of all eligible medical student interns. Additionally, eligible medical workers were promised grants and scholarships for their postgraduate education. However, the KMPDU leadership swiftly rebuffed the proposal, asserting that it falls short of fulfilling the terms outlined in the 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

KMPDU Chairman Abi Mwachi and Secretary General Davji Atellah issued a joint statement, emphasizing the importance of honoring the previous agreement in its entirety. Dr. Mwachi directly addressed President William Ruto, urging the government to uphold its commitments made in 2017.

“The doctors of this country did nothing but believed in the promise of their government in 2017 where hence we ended a 100 days strike for the price of a promissory note. It is time to honour that promise. Respectfully,” Dr. Mwachi wrote.

“We decline these proposals in total. We believe that genuine governments should honor their Collective Bargaining Agreements,” he added.

Atellah echoed Dr. Mwachi’s sentiments, condemning the government’s offer as an act of impunity. He affirmed the union’s determination to persist until their demands are adequately addressed.

“We refuse to tolerate impunity! With unwavering determination, our resolve surges. United in purpose, our strike gains momentum, intensifying tenfold as we advance towards a healthcare system rooted in fairness and justice,” Atellah stated.

The nationwide doctor’s strike, which commenced on March 14, has entered its third week, exacerbating the already dire situation in hospitals across the country. Doctors have abandoned their posts, taking to the streets to demand action from the government.

The primary grievances of the striking doctors revolve around the government’s failure to fulfill its obligations regarding the posting of medical interns and its non-compliance with the terms of the 2017 CBA.

The rejection of the government’s offer signifies a deepening standoff between healthcare professionals and authorities, underscoring the urgent need for resolution to prevent further deterioration of healthcare services in Kenya. As the strike persists, patients continue to bear the brunt of the impasse, highlighting the critical importance of swift and effective intervention to address the concerns of both medical workers and the government.


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