Cash Cow: Eric Omondi Urges Kenyan Youths To Veto University Education

The self-styled president of comedy in Africa, Eric Omondi, has asked young Kenyans to forgo attending university. This is a result of the large number of graduates who have completed their postsecondary education but are still jobless.

In an exclusive interview with SPM Buzz, the irate comedian brought up the many difficulties that Kenyan graduates face in spite of having to pay a substantial amount of money for their education. He claims that the Kenyan universities are being used by the government to extort money from the students.

The graduates live lifelong unemployed after having spent billions of dollars on their education, which they had taken out to guarantee them respectable jobs in the future. Omondi pushed young Kenyans to put their money into businesses instead of attending universities. The comedian shed light on the situation by pointing out that 85% of Kenyan graduates are unable to even find part-time jobs, let alone ones that pay well.

“Kenyan UNIVERSITIES have become another CASH COW for the Government. Students pay Billions of Shilling each year and Yet remain unemployed for the Rest of their Lives. We will SOON BOYCOTT and EMPTY this TAX COLLECTION CENTRES in the name UNIVERSITIES, Hiyo pesa afadhali tufanye nayo Biashara. 85 Percent of Graduates in this Nation can’t find a Casual Jobs, hata ya kubeba Mzigo,” the comedian wrote.

Eric Omondi in an interview with SPM Buzz. Credits: Eric Omondi’s Facebook.

Recently, the comedian-turned-activist planned a youth unemployment meeting with the goal of putting them in touch with employers. Meeting attendance included 3500 unemployed graduates from Nairobi County. He pledged to expand the program to additional Kenyan counties in order to guarantee that every graduate finds employment.

“Today I met around 3500 Unemployed Graduates from NAIROBI. WE ARE GOING TO PROVIDE EMPLOYMENT FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM!!! We will then Move to MOMBASA, KISUMU, NYERI, ELDORET and the REST of the COUNTRY,” Omondi stated.


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