Otile Brown Promises Special Tribute During Brian Chira’s Send Off

Renowned Kenyan musician Otile Brown has expressed his desire to pay a tribute to TikToker Brian Chira by performing at his funeral. Chira was one of Otile’s biggest admirers since he supported the singer in promoting “One Call,” one of the songs that is still trending because people are still taking the song’s challenge.

On Wednesday, Otile took his time and expressed his desire to honour Chira by making an electric performance during his funeral. The artist says that by doing this, it will act as a tribute and guarantee that content creators’ legacy is not lost.

Furthermore, in order for the attendees to sing as a group, he asked that they commit the song lyrics to memory. As they honor Chira, the act will make it even more special.

“Would love to perform the song at the burial and help make it memorable for him if that is possible.. If possible, to the people attending please learn the lyrics so we sing and celebrate him❤️,” the instastory read.

Credits: Otile Brown’s Instagram.

In yet another post, the celebrated musician gave Chira his flowers for making his song to gain popularity. In his heartfelt remembrance, he pointed out that “One Call” is still popular, particularly at this moment when Kenyans are still grieving for the young TikToker.

“What Chira is doing to #OneCall is just crazy. His light is bright and the love is felt. Sending you love and prayers.. Rest well king,” Otile wrote.

Credits: Otile Brown’s Instagram.

Following a deadly hit-and-run accident on Saturday, March 16, in the vicinity of Gacharage, Kiambu county, the contentious TikToker passed away. The funeral is scheduled for March 26 at his grandmother’s home in Githunguri, Kiambu.


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