Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Visits Survivors of Fatal Accident

In a somber morning visit, Kenyatta University’s Vice Chancellor, Paul Wainaina, alongside other school officials, paid a heartfelt visit to survivors of a devastating accident that claimed the lives of 11 students. The tragedy unfolded on Monday evening, shaking the entire university community to its core.

The group, led by Vice Chancellor Wainaina, made their way to the Moi County Referral Hospital ward in Voi, where 42 students were receiving medical attention following the harrowing incident. Engaging in earnest conversations with medical personnel, Wainaina sought to understand the extent of injuries sustained by the survivors, while also offering words of solace and support to those affected. He took the time to personally converse with some of the students, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the anguish.

The accident, as described by Voi Sub-county Police Commander Ibrahim Daffala, occurred amidst heavy rainfall, amplifying the already treacherous conditions along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway. Tragically, 10 students lost their lives on the spot, with another succumbing to injuries while receiving medical care. The aftermath left 42 students grappling with serious injuries, while four others were fortunate to escape with minor wounds.

Details emerging from the scene indicate that the school bus, transporting public health students on an academic trip to Mombasa, was struck on its left side by a trailer en route to Nairobi. The collision unfolded in Maungu, Voi, nestled within Taita Taveta county, leaving a profound impact on the region and beyond.

The school bus, teeming with 58 passengers, became a scene of devastation and despair in an instant, shattering the aspirations and dreams of those on board. Amidst the chaos, four students miraculously emerged unscathed, finding refuge at the Maungu Police Station as they awaited further procedures.

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of this tragedy, questions loom over the circumstances leading to the fatal collision. Authorities are diligently investigating the sequence of events, seeking to shed light on the factors contributing to the accident and prevent such heart-wrenching incidents in the future.

The loss of young lives has sent shockwaves across Kenyatta University and the wider academic community, prompting an outpouring of grief and solidarity. In the wake of this profound loss, Vice Chancellor Wainaina expressed his deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims, reaffirming the university’s unwavering commitment to supporting the affected students and their families during this trying time.

As the nation mourns the lives lost in this tragic accident, the indomitable spirit of resilience and unity shines through, reminding us of the importance of solidarity in times of adversity. Kenyatta University, along with the entire nation, stands in solidarity with the survivors and families, offering solace, support, and strength as they navigate through this dark chapter.


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