Domestic Violence: Director Trevor Refutes Claims Of Physically Assaulting Mungai Eve

Mungai Eve’s ex-boyfriend, Director Trevor, has come out to defend himself against the recent allegations of domestic violence. According to rumors, the director’s physical abuse of his ex-girlfriend was the primary cause of their estrangement.

In an exclusive interview with Iko Nini Podcast, the director addressed the allegations made in the widely circulated screenshots on social media that he had beaten his former girlfriend. Trevor defended himself by asserting that Eve was the unhealthy half of their partnership.

Remembering a significant incident, the director became enraged and recounted how he once had to recover from an injury caused by Eve’s attack. He disclosed that they got into an argument with the YouTuber about her phone charger, and as a result, Eve struck him on the face with a cooking stick.

Trevor claims that Eve is attempting to distance herself from the drama because there are pictures of the director wearing a bandage on his face. He claimed that the content creator would never stay mute if he ever mistreated her. Alternatively, she could have offered every piece of proof needed to demonstrate that he was a toxic partner.

Following a year of passionate pretension, the former couple called it quits in February. Without delay, the director transformed their shared social media profiles into his own accounts. In order to carry on producing content, Eve was compelled to start over on YouTube.


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