Fatal Collision Claims Student’s Life in Murang’a County Tragedy

In a devastating incident in the Sabasaba area of Murang’a County, a student has lost their life while several others have been injured in a head-on collision accident. The incident, which occurred today, Thursday, February 29, involved a 14-seater vehicle ferrying students home for the mid-term break and a double-cabin pickup truck.

Survivors from the accident recounted that the driver of the student transport vehicle was overtaking recklessly at a continuous yellow line when it collided with the pickup truck traveling in the opposite direction.

Eyewitnesses at the scene have pleaded for urgent assistance from relevant authorities, calling for the deployment of an ambulance to aid the injured. Many of the passengers, including students, sustained severe injuries, with some losing consciousness. A witness described the harrowing scene, expressing shock and concern for the injured youngsters: “Just saw helpless kids on the ground bleeding profusely! Nkt! May God protect our children.”

Local reports have confirmed that the police have been notified and are currently responding to the accident site. Meanwhile, compassionate bystanders are offering basic first aid to the casualties.

As a result of the accident, traffic congestion has built up along the major highway, with motorists urged to exercise caution while traversing the area due to the increasing crowd at the scene.

This tragic incident comes on the heels of another fatal accident on February 24, where several pupils lost their lives and others sustained critical injuries after their school bus overturned near the Mathioya area in Murang’a. The students were returning from a scouts’ festival in Nyeri when the driver lost control, causing the bus to veer into a ditch.

In the wake of these distressing events, Kenyans have voiced condemnation towards a transport company allegedly notorious for unsafe driving practices. This outcry follows the loss of eight lives in a horrific road accident along the Kitui-Nairobi road, where a bus careened off the road and landed in a ditch.

Images circulating on social media depict the aftermath of the accident, showing the mangled bus with seats strewn across the road. Law enforcement officers are seen waiting for a tow truck to assist in lifting the vehicle and rescuing those trapped underneath.

The series of tragic accidents underscores the urgent need for enhanced road safety measures and stricter enforcement of regulations to prevent further loss of lives on Kenyan roads. As families mourn the loss of loved ones and pray for the swift recovery of the injured, authorities and stakeholders are called upon to take decisive action to curb the rising tide of road accidents plaguing the nation.


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