Akothee Affirms Her Love For Nelly Oaks by Ditching a Billionaire For Him

Esther Akoth, better known as Akothee has affirmed no man shall ever come close to what she and Nelly Oaks have, adding that they have come a long way. The dubbed president of single mothers, described Nelly as a real man who didn’t allow ‘whirlwinds’ to bar him from seeing a value in her.

The mother of five revealed that Nelly, instead, stood by her through thick and thin enabling her to find it easier to break through the storms that camped in her life by the time she met Nelly.

“Nelly came into my life when I had a lot of drama. I owe my respect to him big time. I had these baby daddies on my head, and I also had a partner. So I dumped a billionaire for Nelly,” she said.

As a reward that Akothee said Nelly deserved, Akothee disconnected every other engagements she had including dumping off a billionaire for Nelly.

“When we said he was my manager, we were managing you because, during that time, I was also disengaging with the rest of the engagements that I had.” She said.

As a step to protecting her love for Nelly, as well as the respect she admittedly said she owes Nelly, madam boss lately warned men who keep calling her even when she is spending precious time with her love asking them to stop.

She went overboard to give order, that the said men have no option except to delete her number and stay away from her, saying she was not interested in them.

She added:

“There are some of my male associates who only call and text me when @nellyoaks is around, what are your intentions? Pepo chafu. Leave me alone and delete my number I am busy with @nellyoaks don’t call or text me please I have no time for sideshows.”


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