Eric Omondi Transforms “Bridge of Death” into “Bridge of Life”

In place of the well-known “bridge of Death” in Kisii County, comedian-turned-philanthropist Eric Omondi has opened a new bridge.

The comedian uploaded a video of the bridge’s launch onto his social media platforms. Named after the well-known youngster who was photographed traversing the previously demolished bridge, Baby Kemunto is the nickname of the bridge.

Omondi and Kemunto traversed the recently built bridge with elegance in the video. The community at large and school-age children are now safe on the recently renovated bridge.

The comedian conveyed his zeal to make everything possible while reducing the gap between the wealthy and the impoverished. Omondi claims that tribal divisions and avaricious politicians are to blame for this disparity. He thanked his followers and supporters of the “team sisi Kwa sisi” endeavor for helping to make the project a success.

“KEMUNTO BRIDGE is COMPLETE. This young Girl has changed a whole Community. She is a Hero. This Bridge is not only Historical but also extremely SYMBOLIC. It Symbolizes a people’s resolve, it SYMBOLIZES the power in UNITY!!! That Kenyans can come together and SOLVE their problems. We are BRIDGING the GAPS. The Gaps between the POOR and the WEALTHY must and Can be Minimized and diminished. We are BRIDGING the Gaps created by Political and Tribal Divisions. TEAM SISI KWA SISI NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! TOGETHER EVERYTHING IS ACHIEVABLE!!!,” Omondi wrote on Facebook.

Credits: Eric Omondi’s Facebook.

The bridge came to the public’s notice when a video of a young girl named Shirleen Kemunto risking her life to cross it on her way to school went viral. Omondi took the initiative and successfully raised a sizeable sum of money intended for the construction of the new bridge.


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